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Vase by Tatzuzo Shimoaka, Mashiko, Japan;  Korean park;  Thai silver.

Silk and gold brocade sari from Varanasi, India;  Detail, traditional painting from Mithila, India;  Woven shirt from Mexico.

Mexican woven blanket;  Afghan storefront.

Stone carvers in Bali, Indonesia;  Nebuta float, Northern Japan.


Sample photo essay collections include:
A. Japan: 1. Japanese Ceramics: Mashiko, Arita, Karatsu, Hagi, Tamba.  2. Straw. The Making of a Toy Horse. Magome.  3. Textiles: Noren, Yuzen, Bingata, Ikat, Brocades, Shibori.   4. Spatial Arrangements. Gardens.   5. Paper: Tanabata Streamers, Kanto Lanterns, Fans, Nebuta Floats.   6. Toys,  Kites, Masks.       7. General: People, Streets scenes………2,088 slides       B. Hong Kong:    8. Toy Making. (Straw grasshoppers, colored dough.)            9. Chinese  Paper  Objects.  Cuttings,  Floats,  Cremation objects                 10. Hong Kong-General Street Scenes.   11. Chinese Shewan style pottery making. (A traditional dog.)    Indonesia: 12.. Betjak  paintings  in Djakarta, Indonesia. (Rickshaws) 13. General Scenes. Bali, Djakarta and Jogjakarta, Indonesia. 14. Indonesian Batik Styles and Techniques. 15. Woven Indonesian Fabrics:    Ikat in Tenganan. 16. Balinese Crafts. Carving, Altars, Lamak Offerings, Jewelry. 17. Jogjakarta.  Wyang  Kulit- Shadow  Play  puppets.  18. Balinese Ceramic Techniques.  19. Balinese Straw: Baskets. Roof Thatching.  C. Thailand:        20. General Bangkok, street scenes.        21. Chiengmai Bronzecasting.   22. Hill Tribe Fabrics and Silver. Embroidery.    23. Umbrella and Papermaking. Kites.    24. Bamboo and Palm Leaf Packaging, offerings.     25. Carved Building details. Wagons. 25. Lacquer.     27. Containers. D. Burma:        28. General,  People.        29. Pagan: Buildings,  Ceramics, Markets.            E. Nepal:  30. Katmandu : General,  Bhaktipur,  Patan.        31. Nepali Crafts and Tibetan crafts.     F. Afghanistan:   32. Woven  details,  embroidery,  wood  carving,  ceramics.     G. Israel:  33. General 34. Coptic Tattooing, Jerusalem  35. Embroidery,  Ceramics,  Filigree.    H. India:   36. Indian Wall Paintings.             37. The  women  painters  of  Mithila,  Madubani,  Bihar  and  the  Warli  women  painters  of  Maharashtra. 38. India. General.  People,  buildings,  scenes.    39.  Architectural  details  in  Agra.  Stone  inlay  designs. 40. Fabrics of India.       41. Rural Crafts in India.  42. Terra-cotta styles of S, India.  Indian  Carved  Temple Details. 43. Weaving in India. Benares Brocades,  Pochampalli  Ikat.  44. Block Printing in India. Gu jurat, Jaipur,  Bagru, Lucknow.    45. Embroidery and Decorative Fabrics.  46. Wandering Entertainers, Rajastani Puppeteers.       47. Wood and Stone Carvings.            I, G general: 48. Asian  Folk  Toys  and  Traditions. 49. Asian  Textiles.      50. Asian   Ceramics.           51. Uses  of  Paper:  Kites,  Umbrellas,  Decorative cutouts. Mexico:      52.  Mexican  Popular  Arts  (Fabric,  wood,  ceramics ) 120 slides.


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