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PROGRAMS  AND  PROJECTS  The Society has on hand a library of over 18,000 color slides, with special attention to Mexico and Asia.  SFAP has also produced an hour-long multi-image presentation, "A Sense of Beauty", which depicts the living craft traditions of Asia.  Our concern is to preserve some of the remaining creative values of the traditional crafts, to acknowledge the unifying traditions that link folkcrafts to the creation of all art forms, to create an awareness of still-living craftsmanship, and to assist the public in locating fine craft items and craftworkers, patronizing their work, and assuring the maintenance of their traditions.  In addition to our art and craft documentation projects we produce exhibitions and publications.  Our photographic collection will shortly be available on the web for researchers.  SFAP of course retains the rights to all photos and documents.  We welcome inquiries.

THE  SOCIETY  FOR  FOLK  ARTS  PRESERVATlON  Our Board of Advisors includes Dr. Mulk Raj Anand, Kamaladevi Chattpadahyaya, Alan Cober, Mildred Constantine, Sheila Hicks, Lucy Lippard, Mac Mc Cormick, Ajit Mookerjee, Dr. Rupert Moser, Dr. Erika Moser, Dr. Hugo Munsterberg, Sohan Qadri, Tony Schwartz, Tatsuzo Shirnaoka, Lenore Tawney, and Julia Weissman.
Our Board of Directors are Kalika Stern, Exec. Director; Dr. Erika Moser, VP; Ajit Bond, Secretary; Debra Ricardo, Treasurer; Robert Stern, Counsel.  A dedicated group of professional artists, filmmakers, visual anthropologists and writers who share similar goals of preservation keep SFAP alive.


OUR  WORK  IN  SULLIVAN  COUNTY,  NY.  In addition to the exhibitions of local folk artists we have supported, we have documented, or have selected to document, local traditions and many of our unusual and outstanding neighbors.  We have or are creating videos on country fiddlers, an African American quilt maker and her processes, a bagel machine maker, a 90 year old poetess, the art traditions of the Sukkah, a circus family practicing trapeze on their front yard trees, and an native American's fishing techniques. We will show these in local museums and schools on cable TV.


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