Society for Folk Arts Preservation, Inc.

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ABOUT  THE  SOCIETY  The Society for Folk Arts Preservation, Inc. (SFAP) was founded in 1977 as a not-for-profit, 501C3 tax exempt, educational and cultural organization to act as a repository or archive for visual craft techniques in danger of disappearing throughout the world.  By means of the production of films, video and audio tapes, SFAP seeks to preserve, document, and disseminate these techniques for the use of artists, anthropologists, social scientists, and the interested public.  The Society was formed by an international group of artists, visual anthropologists, art historians, and folklorists concerned with the continuity of quality in the visual arts.  The term folk arts as we see it, covers a broad area of still-living traditions which must be recorded, for, in a sense, only time will tell what will endure.  Our main areas of interest are the intuitive art, in visual form, of the traditional craftsworker and the craft traditions handed down from generation to generation.

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